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Reclaim your feet!

Serving the podiatry needs for the people of Mount Waverley and the surrounding eastern suburbs for over 20 years

At Mount Waverley Podiatry we pride ourselves on going that extra step to look after your complete foot health. We understand the integral role foot health has in your day to day wellbeing and seek to help you find solutions that keep you mobile.  We believe the feet can be the gateway to better health.

We specialise in analysing your individual gait patterns, looking for the intricacies that when combined with an overload of activity, often lead to foot pain.  We use mobility and exercise prescription to counter, correct and strengthen these injuries - crucial to this is taking away the underlying causes of poor function, often footwear choices and a lack of movement.

Visiting us will challenge your ideas of what a podiatrist does and you should prepare to undertake change in your day to day life to move better and feel better.

Our attention to detail when attending to the maintenance requirements of your feet are second to none. Through years of experience we have refined the technique of relieving the crippling pain of ingrowing toenails.  Similarly, the treatment and prevention of the acute ache of a troublesome corn, callous or wart. We love it when your feet feel great after visiting us.

About Andy

Senior Podiatrist

Andy Bryant

With over 19 years experience, Andy works in a caring and practical way to improve your foot health, seeing it as an integral part of a persons general well being. He hopes his work reflects the passion he has for holistic health and fitness.

He is currently personally researching minimalist footwear and the barefoot movement, noticing the benefits these approaches can have for patients in what has been a more 'traditional' podiatry setting. This now includes further formal study with The Foot Collective, an international group of health educators focused on better general health outcomes starting with the feet.

Andy enjoys supporting his patients that have a goal to work towards. He appreciates the opportunities his career continues to give him to meet people and provide solutions for their foot problems.

He is also consulting out of The Urban Health Collective in Collingwood. Appointments for this location can be made directly with Andy. bryantpodiatry@iprimus.com.au


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